It's Possible to be Heard at the IEP Table!

The IEP Process
Step-By-Step Guide

Know the 10 steps to an Annual Review IEP (or ARD Meeting) including what to share as your parent input and when to share it to feel heard in your next meeting!


Sharing insider secrets from the school side to help parents effectively advocate for a fully supportive IEP! Available on any podcast provider or online!


Need help setting priorities for an upcoming meeting? Want a supportive experience to understand your child’s IEP? Check out our online programs and events!

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I'm Beth Liesenfeld

When I started in school based occupational therapy…

…all of the confusing rules and secrecy had me on edge.

After participating in 80 meetings per year,

I quickly got the hang of it…and learned to LOVE IEPs because when it works, it WORKS, and truly supports kids.

I started to notice what select parents were doing to get an effective IEP for their child…and realized they didn’t have to fight with the school to get it!

Thus, The IEP Lab was born, with tools that make the biggest impact for the least amount of effort and time — and fit into a busy schedule. 

Start your journey to an effective IEP without the fight today with the IEP Process Step-By-Step Guide today!

Talk soon!

— Beth

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