Have a quick reference guide to prep for the 10 steps to get ready for your next annual review IEP…

…including WHEN to share your parent input to feel heard at your next IEP meeting!

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With 135 episodes (and counting) of The Parent IEP Lab Podcast…we needed a go-to guide to make sure you got the information you needed!

Episodes are broken up into categories like:

*Most Downloaded

*By Disability Categories

*By Bonus Series Episodes (IEP Team Member Bonus Series and Eligibility Category Bonus Series)

*And more!

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The #1 most impactful tool a parent can use in advocating for their child is the vision statement! 

Download this guide, and listen to Episode #133 of The Parent IEP Lab Podcast to get the most out of the guide, and this golden opportunity to get your whole team on the same page — helping your child get the most out of their education!

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#1 asked question? 

“What am I even doing at this IEP table?”

The truth is, when the parent isn’t at the IEP meeting table (and yes…it happens…but rarely!)

There is a distinct hole that no other IEP team member can fill. 

Want to realize your unique value at the IEP table?

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